About us



After two years of operation in the MRC of La Rivière-du-Nord, the internet site JeBenevole.ca which was conceived as a research tool for volunteers is now available throughout all the Laurentians.  The site promotes volunteerism and social networking amongst organizations.  Using JeBenevole.ca and posting volunteer offers by community and public organizations is completely free of cost.


The need for a research tool and forum for posting volunteer placements came out of a 2009 conference, in the MRC Rivière-du-Nord, concerned with the advantages gained when retired citizens become socially involved. Responding to the needs brought to light at the latter conference,  C.O.F.F.R.E.T.(Information and training Centre for the support of traditional ethics), supported by the Comité Espace Bénévole de la TRARA(Think tank and retirees action group of the MRC Rivière-du-Nord), established a partnership with le Centre d’action bénévole de Hull, (creators of Jebenevole.ca.)  Both C.O.F.F.R.E.T and TRARA, aimed to duplicate the Hull site, and benefit from the rich experience of the Centre d’action bénévole de Hull, to launch the dynamic site in the MRC Rivière-du-Nord.

Resulting from the fruitful collaborations developed in these two regions, it was decided to make the Jebenevol.ca site available in different Laurentian regions, promoted by the following organizations: La Corporation de développement communautaire Rivière-du-Nord for the MRC Rivière-du-Nord, the Centre d’action bénévole Laurentides for the MRC des Laurentides,, L’Entraide bénévole des Pays-d’en-Haut for the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut, Le Centre d’action bénévole Solange-Beauchamp for the MRC deThérèse-de-Blainville, le Centre d’action bénévole Association solidarité d’Argenteuil for the MRC d’Argenteuil et la Table de concertation communautaire Mirabelloise for the MRC de Mirabel.

From now on, le Centre d’Action Bénévole Laurentides, will coordinate the setting up of the JeBenevole.ca site in the Laurentian MRC region, thanks to a government grant obtained form the Plan d’action gouvernemental pour la solidarité et l’inclusion sociale de la Conférence régionale des Élus des Laurentides, as well as funds from the 2007-2014 from the Laurentian MRC Pacte Rural.  The CAB-Laurentides, also benefitted from the efforts and implication of its partners: CASA des Laurentides, Carrefour jeunesse-emploi des Laurentides, the CSSS des Sommets, ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale and FADOQ des Laurentides.


Regional Collaboration

The JeBenevole.ca site offers specialized documentation on how to  recruit, keep, and manage volunteers.  Member organizations benefit from on line visibility, as well as free training and networking opportunities.  The regional coordination is overseen by the Conseil regional de development social des Laurentides.

As of now, communal and public organizations in the Laurentians can register on JeBenevole.ca (Laurentian homepage). Similarly, anyone, of any age, interested in volunteerism, is invited to consult the site to find which of the postings suit them, and get in touch directly with the appropriate organization. 

For more information, please communicate with Mme Virginie Munger, project director for the Laurentian MRC region, by email: [email protected] or by telephone: 819-326-0819.